Getting creative

I am a creative person by nature. I grew up making videos with my friends, skate videos, stupid horror films, crazy gangster films, odd music videos that made no sense and just about everything in between. It was after I finished university that all of that stopped really, in fact I was completely disillusioned with making film and creative writing. Why? Because I did’t get the results that I wanted to achieve and there was always someone a lot better than me for each project. Work took over and the rest is history as they say. I’ve always been an ideas guy, but i’ve also been the lazy guy, stuck in his comfort zone. I feel like this year that can finally change, i’m ready for new challenges!

As mentioned in my previous post Ted asked me to help filming/acting in his final video exam for his course. I really enjoyed making it. A two minute horror film shot entirely on one phone. The whole process re-galvanized me. I want to make more films. I want to shoot more photos, I want to get out more and create new, original content. Once he has finished editing the video I will be posting a link to it. NH.

Ted and I having fun while shooting his final film entirely on a smartphone.

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