Broforce – micro review

Broforce is a great little game. It is really enjoyable to play through the campaign on your own but it’s even more fun if you team up in the multiplayer mode. Although you can play across a network, I found it more enjoyable to play with 2-3 other real life ‘bros’ for maximum fun!

The graphics have an ‘8 bit’ throwback look to them. The games play style is mashup of Mercs and Prisoner of War. ¬†Each player takes control of a playable character lovingly called a bro. There are lots of unlockable bros that I won’t spoil for you but they include such actions legends as ‘Brobocop’, Rambro and Brominator (My personal favourite being ‘Indiana Brones’).

Liberation by any means possible is the aim of the game in Broforce

You fly around the world in your chopper and land in on countries that have been taken over and it is your one sole job as a bro to liberate the area by using maximum force and a variety of guns and grenades and knives if you happen to get to close to the enemy. There are usually three stages to each country with a boss battle at the end. Although the levels are fairly linear side scrollers, the landscape is completely destructible which makes for erratic gameplay but also lets you go about completing your goal in any way you see fit.

This game is an absolute blast and does not take itself seriously at all, it is the Expendables of video games. Don’t let that fool you though, if you are tired of long, serious games, (Ahem The Witcher 3) this can be a welcome 10 minute break, or an hour if you are devoted to some serious liberation! There is a lot to enjoy and admire with Broforce and it’s particularly fun unlocking characters and seeing the bosses and the carnage that ensues. Check this one out on digital download if you can afford to do so.

Reviewed on the PS4 – NH.


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