Session Report – Strasbourg #1

I took the afternoon off work on Wednesday, and by chance found a new spot on my way back home. I took some pictures on my phone and I posted the images in a group we have for local bladers. 30 minutes later and Salim and Jon arrived for an inpromptu session.

First priority – wax

Plenty of wax later and the ledges are starting to slide okay, the problem is there is a car parked in the most dangerous place possible next to the higher ledge. Anyway, sometimes you have to make do. After months of not skating I worked on my basics, Salim was doing grinds to wallrides and Jon was sessioning the top ledge and stacked a couple of very nice clips. The sun was shining and it was light until 6pm, a great sign that the Summer is coming!

Jon – TP

Anyway it’s always good to get the first session of the year done (Even if it is in February). You know that great feeling you get after a good session? I am riding on that wave right now and ready for many more sessions, hopefully starting this Saturday. See you soon. NH.

Salim shooting the low angle
Salim’s all-round setup for filming and doing tricks
Clip check
My Aeons in my bike basket – Bike is the best way to get around Strasbourg.

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